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Our courses focus on mastering the defensive and combative elements required for the safe and effective deployment of firearms.  Each class is a stand alone course.  Some classes have prerequisites.  

There is no prerequisite for our CCW class. 
Upon completion you will be able to apply for your State of Ohio CHL.  


Our advanced firearms training courses are designed for those individuals who want to take their skill set to the next level.  Each course focuses on specific techniques and strategies to prepare students for those situations where the deployment of firearms may be necessary.  We do ask that participants in these courses have a solid foundation in firearms safety, handling, and shooting for the specific weapons system the course is designed for.    


Additionally, you are just as likely to be around a person who has been the victim of trauma, and being prepared can help save lives.  Our REAL WORLD TRAUMA course is designed to get you ready for when someone has suffered a life threatening injury and time counts. There is no prerequisite for this course.  

We can't wait to train with you!



This Class satisfies the requirements to get your Ohio Concealed Handgun License.  The Ohio CHL is valid in 40 States. Our course is different than others offered in our area. We comprehensively cover topics such as Gun Safety and Responsible Gun Ownership, Fundamentals of Accuracy, Legal Issues, and MUCH MORE. Our class is fun, interactive, thorough, and features a very high Instructor to Student ratio. A great first step towards taking responsibility for your own personal security.
($99 - 100 Rounds - 8 Hours)


June 11 2022 Handgun-102.jpg

The Ohio CHL Class is a great primer for those who want to carry a firearm for personal security.  But if you seriously want to be able to defend yourself you will need to perform to a certain standard on an autonomic level.  This class will expose students to those standards as they work on drawstoke, recoil control, and increasing speed and accuracy.  This class is for students who have completed the OHIO CHL/CCW and want to take their skills to the next level.  

($200 - 250 Rounds - 8 Hours)




June 11 2022 Handgun-102.jpg

The goal of Gunset Pistol: Adaptation is to expose you to and equip you with the skills required to survive the unfolding chaos of a gunfight.  Typically as citizen self-defenders, we are operating out of an ambush scenario, so we must be able to adapt to the circumstances we find ourselves in, so that we can prevail.  We will be shooting from compromised or unfamiliar positions, performing one handed and weak handed manipulations, working recovery tactics and techniques, and challenging you to adapt under stress.  This is a challenging course, but one of the most important.   ($200 - 400 Rounds - 8 Hours)

Anyone who studies gunfights knows that they rarely happen while everyone is standing still.  However, that is still how most people practice.  In Gunset Pistol: Movement, we will examine when you should move, why you should move, and how fast you should move.  Students will work on proper movement techniques and tactics to put themselves in a position to win the fight.  This challenging class can be scaled to any age or fitness level.  Students will work on specific skills like explosive lateral movement, moving to and utilizing cover, and moving while shooting. 

($200 - 400 Rounds - 8 Hours)



Most civilian armed self defense encounters have a few things in common.  They typically begin and end quickly, they are usually very violent, and they usually happen at close range, making retaining your pistol one of the most important skills you should have as a armed citizen.  This class will focus on those close quarters gunfight techniques, and will give student an opportunity to work through some of these difficult scenarios.  

($200 - 8 Hours - 200 Rounds)



In Real World Trauma, we drive home the understanding that EVERYONE can develop these skills to positively impact the outcome of traumatic injury. We bridge the gap from the teachings of the EMS and “tactical” worlds to something more applicable to the everyday citizen. If you drive a car, enjoy the occasional outdoor adventure, do yard work, or simply leave your home on a regular basis, the teachings of this course will benefit you.  ($200 - 8 Hours)


July 9 2022 Tactical Rifle-3.jpg

If the AR-15, AK-47, or similar carbine systems are a part of your home defense plan, then Tactical Rifle Fundamentals has been created and tailored with you in mind.  This class will cover zeroing your rifle, understanding of Minute of Angle, efficient weapon manipulations, reloads, malfunction clearing, field positions, use of cover, and much more.  Students will spend the day working with instructors to refine their techniques and build familiarity with the platform.  Students need a reliable carbine, a sling, optic or iron sights, multiple magazines, and some way to hold magazines on their person (belt mounted or chest mounted mag pouches).

($200 - 8 Hours - 250 Rounds)



Tactical Rifle: Movement is our next milestone in your journey to become a modern American Rifleman who honors the critical role of civilian use of long arms to defend Home, Community, and Liberty.  We will build upon the skills introduced in Tactical Rifle Fundamentals by learning techniques and drills for a greater emphasis on gear placement and utilization, movement with, and dynamic transition into field positions, shooting from unconventional field positions, intro to target identification and ranging, presentation from multiple CQB ready positions, Efficient Movement at CQB distances, and much more. 

($200 - 8 Hours - 250 Rounds)

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Gunset Training Group, LLC provides evidence-based self-defense and preparedness training based on relevant situations facing people today. Built on our core values of integrity, conviction, leadership, skillfulness and security, our training programs prepare participants for the situations in life where they may be responsible to save themselves. We have trained thousands of people in topics such as self-defense, advanced firearms training, Ohio Carrying Concealed Weapons License, trauma care, and response to active threats.


Our leadership team brings a diverse background from multiple disciplines including firearms training, law enforcement, and business operations. We have spent thousands of hours training and conducted training for various groups (including private businesses, government agencies, school districts, hospitals and private citizens).



An introductory course on the use of the shotgun for personal defense. In this course students will review firearm safety, learn how to set up a shotgun for personal defense, ammunition types and selection of ammo, proper gun handling and shooting technique. The live fire portion allows you to practice these techniques, gun manipulations and reloading skills, and patterning your shotgun. 

This course requires students bring a pump action shotgun or semi-auto shotgun and 150 rounds of birdshot and 50 rounds of buckshot ammunition.

($200 - 8 Hours - 200 rounds)



Get the most out of your time and schedule a private lesson. We'll get you from where you are to where you want to be.  These lessons are infinitely customizable, and can cover everything from personal or home security planning, or we can work on specific self defense technical skills.  Whether you're new to firearms and want to work on the basics, or you want to take your firearms skills to the next level, our team of instructors can help.  Private lessons are available for Pistol, Rifle, or Shotgun.

 ($60/Hour per person)

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It's all about you, our student clients.  Our mission is to provide the most comprehensive, safest self-defense and firearms training possible.  We want to empower you to take responsibility for the safety and security of you and your loved ones.  Our system is built on real world scenarios, based in facts, backed up by verifiable data.  While we hope and pray that you never have to use these skills in self-defense, we want to equip you to succeed should that day come.  We are constantly evaluating our programing, our courses, and our methods to make sure we are providing the very best instruction out there, because you are priority number one.



Scott Cronin

Scott is a NRA Certified Pistol Instructor, a Rangemaster Certified Master Pistol Instructor, and is one of 20 Handgun Combatives Instructors nationwide. He has been the Training Manager at The Miami Armory since 2014 and has trained thousands of students.  

He holds numerous certifications in the defensive and combative applications of the pistol, has completed training at the Tactical Defense Institute, and has completed specialized training from Handgun Combatives LLC, Wartac CQC, The Modern Samurai Project, First Person Safety, Apache Solutions, Green Mountain Defense, and Active Response Training.  He holds certifications in Concealed Pistol, Combative Pistol, Extreme Close Quarters Gunfighting, Low-Light Gunfighting, Vehicle Combatives, and is a certified Red Dot Pistol Instructor. He attends over 100 hours of additional firearm training and instructor development courses each year.

Home: About Us
Home: About Us


Dave H.


Instructor Dave, so named to keep his online presence to a minimum, is a Rangemaster Certified Pistol Instructor, and has completed training with Handgun Combatives, Active Response Training, Tactical Defense Institute, and Rangemaster.  He holds certificates in Combative Pistol, Advance Combative Pistol, Extreme Close Quarters Gun Fighting,  Low Light Combative Pistol, Defensive Knife for Concealed Carry, and Defensive Shotgun.


Mike Kinsey


Mike Kinsey

July 9 2022 Tactical Rifle-83.jpg

Mike is a NRA Certified Pistol Instructor and a Rangemaster Certified Handgun Instructor. Since 2007, he has had the privilege of instructing over 1500 students via 100+ formal classes in the use of rifles, carbines, and handguns.  He holds numerous certifications in the defensive and combative application of the rifle and pistol.  Mike has completed training with Massad Ayoob, Rangemaster, Handgun Combatives LLC, the Tactical Defense Institute, Active Response Training, and many others.  He holds certifications in Tactical Rifle, Precision Rifle, Concealed Pistol, Combative Pistol, Extreme Close Quarters Gunfighting, Low-Light Gunfighting, Vehicle Combatives, Edged Weapons, Emergency Trauma Medicine, and more.  


Dave H.

June 11 2022 Handgun-503.jpg

Instructor Dave, so named to keep his online presence to a minimum, has trained the art of defensive shotgun under Tom Givens, Greg Ellifritz, Chris Timmerman, and the Tactical Defense Institute.  He is a Rangemaster Certified Master Pistol Instructor, and has completed specialized training with Shivworks, Handgun Combatives, Active Response Training, the Tactical Defense Institute, John Hearne and Rangemaster.  He holds certificates in Defensive Shotgun, Combative Pistol, Advance Combative Pistol, Extreme Close Quarters Gun Fighting,  Low Light Combative Pistol, Defensive Knife for Concealed Carry, and Tactical Rifle.



July 9 2022 Tactical Rifle-47.jpg

Jonathan is a certified NRA pistol instructor, Paramedic and Paramedic Instructor. He is the creator and instructor of Gunset’s offering, Real World Trauma. He has trained with leading training groups throughout the country including; Tactical Defense Institute, Active Response Training, CSAT, Rangemaster, Wartac, Tactical Skills Development, Apache Solutions, VIGR Training, Sentinel Concepts, Handgun Combatives. Jonathan has also instructed various disciplines involving Swiftwater Rescue, Incident Response to Terrorist Bombing, Planning and Response to Suicide Bombing Incidents, Basic Trauma Life Support, Advanced Cardiac Life Support, and many more. He holds certifications in defensive disciplines that include Defensive Pistol, Tactical Shotgun, Defensive Carbine, Pistol Caliber Carbine, Close Quarters Pistol, Active Shooter Response, Vehicle Combatives, Snubby Revolver, Precision Rifle, Rogers System Reactive Shooting, Extreme Close Quarters, and Knife Skills for Concealed Carry.


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